Avondale 2023-2024 Forensic Team General Information

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(Click here for Audition Information for the 2023-2024 Season Friday 11/17/24 and Monday 11/20/24)


This program is well suited for any student that is interested in learning, developing, and showcasing their acting, speaking, and discussion talents in a fun, friendly, and competitive setting.  Students will work throughout the season on improving their skills and developing their performance material while working independently and individually in one-on-one and group coaching environments both at school and online.


Avondale High School competes as a member school of the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association which oversees and implements middle and high school Debate, Theater, and Forensics competition across the state.  Much more information on the organization and rules/procedures of events is available at


Competitions are elimination-style, with students competing in 3 preliminary rounds first, then semi-finals, then finals - where the very best compete. Each competition starts with a clean slate, any previous competitions have no effect on the outcome of future competitions.  Most competitions (Invitationals) will take place at local high schools/colleges on Saturdays from January-April and involve a time commitment of 7AM(ish) to 7PM(ish).  Our team travels together to events and transportation is available. (Parent drivers are helpful!)


(Tentative Avondale Forensic Team 2024 Season Schedule)


After the Invitational season is finished, students work on perfecting their pieces for the Regional (04.13.24 or 04.20.24 Date/Location TBD) and State (05.03-05.04 @Kalamazoo Communty College) tournaments.


The Categories in forensics are broken into two groups, PA (Public Address) and Interp (Interpretation). The PA group revolves more around writing discussion/opinion and fact-based original material while the Interp group is more about presenting/performing/acting using published literary material.


Each year, two different 9/10 categories are chosen. When a category is selected to be 9/10, it means that in that category 9th and 10th graders are separated from 11th and 12th graders during competition.


The 9/10 events for the 2023-2024 season are Informative 9/10 and Duo 9/10  Generally students will compete in *one* Category for the entire season, making improvements/changes weekly based on Coaching and Judging feedback/results.  Below is a brief description of each category.



Public Address (“Speaking”) events – oriented more towards informational topics, current events, socio-political analysis, ethical/morality issues, etc


“Limited Preparation” Public Address events:


Broadcasting 5 mins (+15 mins prep time)

- In Broadcasting, students compile a script of real news stories and are asked to create one fluid presentation that successfully combines each of those stories into one performance resembling what you might see on a news network.  Students additionally will compose an original 1-minute editorial response to a news article provided before each round of competition.


Extemporaneous 4-7 mins (+30 mins prep time)

- In Extemporaneous, competitors are given a political question and are asked to write a speech in 30 minutes to answer the question however the performer sees fit. The thorough use of articles, news stories, statistics, and other forms of evidence is found in all successful Extemp presentations.


Impromptu 6 mins (prep time included) - In impromptu, each performer is given a different quote/prompt and has to write a speech revolving around that quote on the spot and perform the speech for judges and fellow competitors. A strong impromptu speech will use convincing arguments and strong evidence while drawing on personal experience and perspective.


Duo Commentary (NEW CATEGORY) – 4-7 mins

The purpose of Duo Commentary speaking is for two students to work together to provide perspective on a given topic. Topics for Duo Commentary are often vague and/or utilize unique wording/phrasing. Students should explore the prompt thoroughly, defending their points with analysis and supporting material. Students must present from a seated position. 30 minute prep time per round.


“Scripted Public Address” Events:


Original Oratory 5-8 mins

- In oratory, participants find topics that they are passionate about and write a persuasive and powerful speech to present to the judges and audience. Societal norms and problems in the world are common topics.


Sales 5-8 mins

- In sales, competitors each find a real product that they personally enjoy or they believe that others could benefit from and they create a sales pitch for the product including visual aid,economic and geographic advantages, evidence, statistics, (and puns!). A strong sales piece will leave the audience and judges wanting to purchase the product at hand after the presentation.


Informative 5-8 mins

- In Informative, the performer chooses one topic and develops a speech that presents facts and information on that topic, excluding opinions of any kind. The use of visual aids and statistics will be found in most successful informative pieces.


**Much more information on Public Address events including ‘cut sheets’ that list previously used topics (and more!) is available at

Interpretation (“Acting”) events – oriented more towards narrative storytelling, character acting, and plot development and resolution, etc


Dramatic Interpretation 5-8 mins

- In a typical round of Dramatic Interpretation, a solo performer will perform an eight minute cutting from a play, movie, short story, etc. Monologues are common in this category, but most successful performers choose to play multiple characters, showing a large range of talent in acting. A strong Dramatic Interpretation piece shows a strong demonstration of emotion and a deep understanding of individual characters. The material can be dramatic or humorous.


Duo Interpretation 7-10 mins

- Duo Interpretation involves a pair of performers acting out a 10 minute cutting of a dramatic piece of their choice from a movie, novel, play, etc. while under certain restraints; including not making eye contact with each other or touching each other. A strong Duo Interpretation piece requires strong unity between the partners. The piece can be dramatic or humorous.


Multiple Interpretation 10-15 mins

- Multiple Interpretation involves a group of 3-5 performers acting out a fifteen minute piece of their choice from a movie, novel, play, etc. Multiple has the same restraints as duo. A strong multiple shows strong ensemble work and clear and impactful characters. The piece can be dramatic or humorous.
**For the 2023 MIFA IE season  Avondale will be presenting “Puffs: The Multiple” in competition


Prose Interpretation 5-8 mins

-In Prose, students perform cuttings from a novel or book. It is similar to Dramatic Interpretation, but has different source material, resulting in different interpretations.


Storytelling 5-8 mins

- In Storytelling, performers interpret a children’s story, oftentimes including narration, out of the box acting, and wild outfits.


Poetry 5-8 mins

-In Poetry, performers may use a single selection or compile a performance script using a variety of different emotional, funny, personal, and passionate poems. Poetry pushes one to dig deeper and to perform a piece with internal meaning.


P.O.I. – Program Oral Interp (NEW CATEGORY) 5-8 mins

POI is the presentation of multiple selections, sharing a common theme or message,

chosen from two or three of the following genres: Prose, Poetry, and/or Dramatic.


**Much more information on Interpretation events including ‘cut sheets’ that list previously used titles (and more!) is available at


For more information about the Avondale High School Forensic Program please contact any member of the Team Leadership:

Stefan Potter, Director of Forensics –

Zoz Compagnari, Assistant Director of Forensics –
Pranav Gunna, Senior Team Co-Captain –
Bonnie Benford, Junior Team Co-Captain –


TENTATIVE Avondale Forensic Team 2024 Tournament Schedule













MIFA Punxatourney Invitational

Troy HS











Birch Run IE Invitational

Birch Run HS





MSU Spartan IE Invitational

Michigan State University


(MIFA Theater State Festival)

Wayne State University





Grass Lake Invitational

Grass Lake HS





Avondale Ninjatatonal Invitational

Avondale HS





MSCI Novice State Finals + Open IE



Menchinger Invitational

Portage Northern HS





Walled Lake Western Invitational

Walled Lake Western HS


Best of the West Invitational

Portage Central HS





MIFA "Last Chance" IE Tournament





4.13 or 4.20?

MIFA IE Regional State Qualifier






MIFA IE State Finals

Kellogg Community College








MSCI Spring Conference on Mackinac

Grand Hotel

**Tournaments often run ~7:00am~7:00pm